Why Residents Love Living in Newport Beach

Why Residents Love Living in Newport Beach

  • Blair Walsh
  • 05/22/22

People love living in Southern California’s Newport Beach because, besides being a beautiful Orange County seaside community, as a residential community, it’s an incredible treasure. Most people would consider themselves lucky to actually live in a city that most would consider themselves lucky to visit. It’s true! There aren’t many cities in the world that can honestly claim to have more to offer than Newport Beach. If you’re in the market for a home in a new California living space, this charming city should be on your list of places to consider and explore.

Many Newport Beach residents feel like they’ve found their ideal neighborhood. Some prefer the privacy and solitude of a peaceful, gated community, while others choose to live close to the active fun of the city. Some prefer the water and look forward to surfing the waves, browsing beautiful beaches, or heading to Newport Harbor for paddling, rowing, or sailing. Others might prefer the town’s more serene and child-friendly neighborhoods where they can feel good raising their children. The good news is that if you decide to search for Newport Beach real estate, you are sure to find many wonderful neighborhoods to choose from that will come close to being your ideal neighborhood.

When you begin looking at Newport Beach homes for sale, keep in mind that it doesn't matter if you're single or married with children—this city is a fantastic place to call home. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that it’s not inexpensive to live in this sought-after city in neighborhoods that come close to perfection. Still, if this city sounds like the best place for you, you’ll find some good home-ownership options to consider. So, among the countless reasons, there are to adore Newport Beach, this article presents four of the main reasons residents love it here. These are the same things you will want to consider if you’re thinking about buying Newport Beach real estate.

Beautiful weather, beach views, and amazing culture

Yes, the city is beautiful. It comes with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, spectacular beaches, and exquisite weather. In fact, most days are lovely, sunny, and mild, and the near-perfect weather adds even more shining jewels to the crown of a city that is easy to love. And the beauty of Newport Beach helps to attract new residents to the area. Even when people are searching for a home to acquire as a business investment in Newport Beach, they often learn so many wonderful things about this beautiful city that it ends up winning them over.

However, Newport Beach has much more to offer and much more to love. It also comes with strong, thriving cultural and entertainment options, wonderful neighborhoods with well-kept homes that residents show pride in owning, many educational opportunities, and a variety of diverse culinary alternatives—like Bluewater Grill, for when you want to go out for fresh, sustainable seafood. In fact, if you’re considering searching for Newport Beach real estate, you may already know that it has everything anyone could ask for and more. People love living here because it truly is a thriving, beautiful, forward-moving twenty-first-century waterfront metropolis that has a lot to offer its residents.

A strong economy and many work opportunities

Newport Beach's location helps to keep it poised for economic success. Located close to the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, it’s easy to get to and from the city since most major airlines serve this airport. The city also has nearby access to great educational opportunities for residents that help to produce a well-educated population that is technologically savvy. It all leads to a well-managed local economy that is diverse, financially sound, and fiscally responsible; a place that is good for business while also being a wonderful place to live.

If you’re already considering looking at Newport Beach homes for sale, you should know that the city stands out in Orange County as having one of the region's best economies. Its economic power base includes tech, finance, healthcare, and tourism, among other industries. Newport Beach stands out in Orange County as one of the region's best economies, and its financial strength includes a diverse base of industries. Healthcare accounts for 16% of all jobs in Newport Beach, lodging and food services account for 15%, and 11% of jobs come from banking and insurance—areas that bring in many of the jobs that deliver the biggest paychecks for area employees. Based on recent industry salary reports, the average annual salary in Newport Beach is around $73,000.

With a population of around 87,000, about 76,000 local employees are payroll workers. With 20,000 licensed business enterprises, there are 12,400 local firms, and the city provides employment for people who live beyond its borders. Because of its strong job market, people commute to Newport Beach from other areas of Orange County.

Great public and private educational options

If you find your new home among Newport Beach homes for sale, and if you have children, the highly-ranked Newport Mesa Unified School District will serve you and your family. Among these schools are Corona del Mar and Newport Harbor high schools, two public institutions that are consistently ranked high on the list when it comes to student test scores and student performance. You will also find private schools that serve Newport Beach families, including Carden Hall, Pacifica Christian, and Sage Hall High Schools.
University of California, Irvine
If you’re thinking about concerned about options for higher education, once you begin searching for Newport Beach real estate, you will have a lot to choose from. Within a radius of one hundred miles, there are more than a hundred colleges and universities. A few of the state’s higher education institutions include the University of California, Irvine, and Coastline Community College. Chapman University, one of the best private universities in the state, is about 15 miles from Newport Beach.

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