4 Design Trends to Try in Your Newport Beach Backyard

4 Design Trends to Try in Your Newport Beach Backyard

  • Blair Walsh
  • 03/10/22

Known for its idyllic weather, pristine beaches, and 21-square-mile harbor, Newport Beach is one of California's best places to live. Located between two major California cities, this coastal town embodies the sophisticated yet laid-back culture of Southern California. Newport Beach is one of the wealthier cities in California, with an average cost of living of 148.5% higher than the national average. The median value of Newport beach homes is $1,898,900, making it an exclusive and luxurious place to settle down.
Newport Beach also has a booming tourism industry, with 10 million people vacationing at this coastal oasis every year, boosting the local economy. If you live in Newport Beach, chances are you already know how special it is. A Newport Beach house is an investment worth sharing with friends and family, and an ideal way to do that is to utilize the perfect weather conditions and create an outdoor space ready for entertaining guests. 
If you're ready to update your backyard, maybe these design trends for your outdoor areas will inspire you to spruce up your slice of California paradise.

Make the most of your Newport Beach home’s backyard with these four tips

1. Create the perfect indoor/outdoor living room.

When entertaining guests, it's a great idea to take advantage of the warm California climate. Having indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces is a must for Newport Beach real estate, but what if your living room and backyard felt like one continuous space?

Combined indoor and outdoor living rooms became a popular trend in the late-2010s. They continue to be an excellent way for homeowners to show off not only their beautiful homes but also the impeccable view in their backyard. This type of design also helps to increase the square footage of your home and maximize the use of your outdoor space.

The transition from the living room to the backyard can be achieved using sliding glass walls that operate as windows when closed and can disappear into the sides of the house when guests arrive. Bi-folding doors are also a popular fixture of indoor/outdoor living rooms, making a space feel more classic and inviting, as opposed to clean and modern. Designers will often use materials in the outdoor area that mimic the indoors by matching the color and textures of flooring and furniture.

Adding an indoor/outdoor living room could add value to your home if you decide to sell in the future. If you are interested in turning your luxury home into a rental property, Newport Beach tourists want to take advantage of a well-planned indoor/outdoor space during their vacation.

2. Host fantastic dinner parties with an outdoor kitchen.

Many homes across the country were designed with the idea that luxury exists indoors, with the outdoors operating mainly as a focal point. However, when you live in a town with excellent weather conditions, it makes as much sense to build a life outside as it does inside. You might be noticing this trend when it comes to popular designs for Newport Beach homes and others in fair-weather locations.

Although outdoor kitchens have been popular for the past couple of years, they continue to be the most popular addition to an outdoor living space. An outdoor kitchen is a place outside of your home to prepare meals. Some popular choices for food preparation are built-in barbeques or grills with marine-grade stainless steel to protect your appliances from coastal saltwater. Outdoor kitchens are entirely customizable, with some homeowners opting to include refrigerators and ice makers while also updating their outdoor furniture with a full dining table.

Consider making Newport Beach real estate your new home if you long to entertain in an outdoor kitchen but don't live in a suitable climate. However, you may want to act fast, as houses are on the market for 34.3% less time than the previous year.

3. Entertain outdoors with a well-designed patio and porch.

The only wrong way to utilize your backyard is not to utilize it at all. There are endless possibilities to what you can achieve with outdoor space in Newport Beach real estate, including a patio and porch combination. While some homeowners prefer to convert most of their yard into an outdoor living space, others would like to maintain some space for purely outdoor activity with a patio and porch combination.

The patio and porch is another great option for entertaining guests, and it provides the opportunity for some shading in the backyard from the sun or potential rainfall. A porch is unique in that it gives the cozy sensation of staying indoors, along with the benefits of fresh air and outdoor ambiance. Porches also add curb appeal to houses, while patios are a more private way to entertain. Consider adding low voltage ambient lighting to your patio, so you and your guests can enjoy your space after the sun goes down.

4. Enjoy a night by a fire pit.

Bonfires along the beach are popular in Newport, and many are bringing the same atmosphere to the backyard of their Newport Beach homes. Following outdoor kitchens, fire pits are another popular piece of outdoor landscaping. Fire pits are a customizable, year-round focal point. They are excellent light sources and provide natural gathering places for guests and family members.

If you are looking for a functional fire pit that can also double as a dining area or one meant to bring comfort to the space, this design feature is sure to add elegance to your backyard design. If you're hoping to avoid the smell of woodsmoke, consider using propane or natural gas fire pits. These fire pits are convenient because you will not have to worry about refueling, and your guests won't leave smelling like a campfire. If you're hoping for a natural look to your fire pit without the wood smell, a gel fuel fire pit is also a great option.

One of the many benefits of living in Newport Beach homes is the versatility of the backyard space. The possibilities are endless when decorating your home's landscape and creating a space tailored to your needs as a homeowner.

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