5 Tips to Get Top-Dollar for Your Newport Coast Home

5 Tips to Get Top-Dollar for Your Newport Coast Home

  • Blair Walsh
  • 08/11/22

The Newport Beach real estate market is hotter than ever, with even fixer-uppers selling for more than what they would have just a few years back. Even with the upturn, however, there is more to it than just listing and hoping to get top dollar for Newport Beach homes right now.
If you are in the market to sell, read this before you ever list your home. These are our top tips on what to do before you hit the market so you can get top dollar for your Newport Beach real estate. Just because it will sell quickly doesn’t mean you should leave money on the table!

Deep clean everything

This is the biggest mistake I see sellers making, especially when selling their Newport Beach real estate on their own or with a subpar realtor. You should absolutely be deep cleaning your home before you put it on the market.
Without exception, buyers want something new, fresh, and well taken care of. They don’t want to deal with your dust, cobwebs, dirt hiding in the corners, or smudges on the wall. These blemishes not only detract from how lovely your house probably is, but they also can deter buyers from picturing themselves in the home. Conversely, if you can get a buyer to imagine their family living in your home versus any of the other Newport Beach homes on the market, you will get a higher offer.
If you want to save a little bit of money, you can deep clean your home yourself. It’s a whole weekend project, though, so be aware! If you want to save yourself time, you can hire a professional cleaning crew. Many offer move-out and ready-to-sell deep clean packages for Newport Beach homes just like yours.

Remove clutter and all personal items

Look around the room you’re in right now. If you’re not at home, think about your favorite room of the house. Is it adorned with personal belongings, pictures of your family, or sentimental trinkets? Probably! That’s part of the benefit of owning your own piece of Newport Beach real estate  — you can make it your own in every way.
Buyers, however, can’t appreciate your personal things as much. Again, the idea is that a buyer should be able to picture themselves sitting in that living room, going to bed in the master bedroom, or cooking breakfast on the weekends in the kitchen. If the house broadcasts your family and your taste, its sale will be that much less straightforward.

The first step is to declutter. None of your prospects will look twice at a messy home, not when so many other Newport Beach homes are immaculate. Go room by room and organize closets (buyers will look!), get rid of accumulated junk, and make everything neat and tidy.
Once the jumbles are sorted, do another pass with an eye toward what personal or family items you can live without until your house sells. All of that should be boxed and stored. I always recommend renting a storage unit for a short time, but you can also stack boxes in your garage, your basement, or at a friend’s home.

Prioritize minor, not major, repairs

Put down that phone because you should not be calling a contractor yet. A lot of new sellers in the Newport Beach real estate market think they need to overhaul their kitchens or add entire rooms to their properties to secure top dollar. This isn’t necessarily true, but minor repairs usually can and should be made.
Think of alterations like freshening up the paint, replacing any intense colors with neutral tones, fixing any holes in the wall leftover from paintings or wall hangings, and repairing or replacing anything broken. In our current seller’s market, the fact is you don’t need to make huge repairs to inflate the sale price of your home.
To pinpoint the goal of any minor repair or upgrade, ask yourself if it will help a seller harmonize with that aspect of your home. Ask: Will this color or design help me compete with other Newport Beach homes for sale in my area? Does this upgrade make my house look well kept, and does it improve its overall function?

Curb appeal sells homes

The way your house looks from the outside sets the tone for the whole showing. Newport Beach homes are already beautiful and luxurious, so you probably don’t need to make major adjustments to your landscaping.

It’s important to walk the property, though, and try to look at it with fresh eyes. Keep the grass neat and lush, add a layer of mulch, clean patios and brick, and touch up any faded paint on doors or window trim.
These adjustments will help your home stand out from other Newport Beach real estate on the market, and they will make buyers far more interested in seeing the rest of your home, too.

Work with a trusted real estate agent

This is the biggest step you can take to get top dollar from your Newport Beach real estate because it encompasses all of the previous points. By working with a qualified, licensed, experienced real estate agent, you will get all the advice here and, honestly, a lot more. A good local real estate agent knows Newport Beach homes, they know what sellers care about (and what they don’t care about), and have a track record of successful negotiations.
If you’re lost on finding that perfect agent for your Newport Beach real estate, consider contacting Blair Walsh. A former NFL player who is used to high-pressure situations, Blair has become one of the best agents working with Newport Beach homes and properties.
When working with a Compass agent, you also can opt for Compass Concierge service, which offers advice and help upgrading, cleaning, and even staging your home for sale. Concierge costs sellers nothing upfront, and it can make a huge difference in your final sale price. Whether you want to save time or simply stand to benefit from expert assistance, Compass is the best solution for you. Ready to take the next step? Reach out to experienced agent Blair Walsh for guidance today!

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