How to Decorate Your Newport Beach Home This Holiday Season

How to Decorate Your Newport Beach Home This Holiday Season

  • Blair Walsh
  • 12/15/21

In Southern California, Newport Beach is known for making up for its lack of snow with an annual storm of sparkling holiday spirit. If you want to get your home in on the act this year, check out this guide to decorating your Newport Beach home for the holidays.

Embrace color

Holiday trends are big, bold, and bright. While reds and greens remain a staple for winter holidays, the Newport Beach community has also been embracing a variety of colors and shades outside the norm. Consider complimenting your Newport Beach waterfront property with some blue and white twinkle lights. Contrasting colors are another great way to liven up your home this season. The possibilities are endless when you choose a unique color palette for your seasonal decor.  Sand-inspired earth tones and multicolored lights can easily make your Christmas tree stand out among a sea of traditional looks. 

Jumbo ornaments

There are always one or two houses on the block that put up an inflatable Santa, reindeer, or presents. While these are cute and festive touches to any Newport Home’s curb appeal, consider joining the jumbo ornament bandwagon. More and more homeowners are placing these oversized ornaments on either side of their front pillars, replacing or complimenting their planters and urns. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to find the ones that fit in with your outdoor color scheme. Black and white stripes, classic reds and greens with festive language,  and unique neon are all excellent color options to make your home stand out this season. 

Go organic

Paper ornaments and mantel decorations are equal parts beautiful and modern. These West Elm trees would pop against a mantle, as would these paper stars and DIY paper ornaments from House Beautiful. These touches are both beautiful and thoughtful—providing an elegant and festive touch to any Newport Beach home.

Natural woods, neutral colors, and sustainable materials have been major players in recent design trends.  Thus, it’s no surprise that holiday trends are also incorporating organic materials and color schemes. Repurposed driftwood makes a beautiful centerpiece, as do pine cones and branches. Ornaments are very easy to make on your own and lend themselves to a variety of materials. Collect twigs, branches, and pine cones and follow this easy guide for DIY ornaments.

Incorporate flowers

In a warm place like Newport Beach, the coming of winter doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the luxuries of summer. Flowers are an excellent touch to any space, any time of the year. Add dried flowers, such as roses, peonies, and lavender, into your wreaths or trees for a natural pop of color. Dried citruses, such as orange slices, add pops of color and texture to a holiday table or homemade garland. You may also play around with pastel colors, like pinks and greens. These colors resemble traditional reds and greens but add a bit of modern flair.

Discover Scandinavia 

Scandinavian design is minimal and thoughtful and tends to elicit a feeling of calm. Consider bringing sleek, modern Scandinavian design elements to your Newport home this holiday season. Straw and paper ornaments and table decorations are both traditional and easy to maneuver in a house full of kids. Tall candles and candlestick holders will elevate your rooms and add a classic touch. Small wooden Christmas trees adorned with paper ornaments embrace the naturalist trend, while also feeling uniquely Scandinavian. 


Add neon signs

Neon signs are making a comeback this holiday season. If you want your Newport Beach home to be bright and bold, then consider adding neon signs to its interior and/or exterior. “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” and Santa Claus imagery are just three festive options on the market. Neon signs create a retro, campy vibe that’s playfully over-the-top. If you’re particular with your design aesthetic, consider custom designing your own neon sign. The great thing about neon signs is they’re durable enough to be used for years to come. 

Choose silver over gold

They often go hand-in-hand, but this season, silver is reigning supreme over gold. Silver compliments the grayish Newport Beach winter weather and is slightly less bold than its golden counterpart. Silver wreaths, ornaments, or tinsel will make your home feel like a North Pole getaway. 

Sprinkle fake snow 

Just because it doesn’t snow in Newport Beach doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the snow this winter. Sprinkling fake snow in and around your home is a great way to transport yourself to a cooler climate. Fake snow on wreaths or trees adds texture and depth that’s visually exciting. Purchase artificial snow with a touch of glitter, to make your interior surfaces shine, or, if you have a holiday village or train set you like to decorate with during the holidays, add some faux snow to take it a step further. Outdoor snow should be well affixed and not in danger of blowing away or ending up in the ocean.


Head to the beach

Beach decor is in this season, which is especially convenient for Newport Beach decorators. While whales and octopuses haven’t traditionally been holiday animals, they’re making their mark as tree toppers, napkin holders, and table decorations. Seashells have always made cute ornaments, and they’re easy to make at home. White coral is another natural decorating touch popping up this season. Put some in your wreath or in a basket at the center of the table for a chic, beachy vibe. Combine the ocean with the North Pole for a design aesthetic that’s unique to your Newport Beach home.

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